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Reduce compliance & safety risks of asbestos exposure issues by hiring environmental professionals who specialize in keeping your people safe & within safety compliance.


Asbestos Solutions

in Chicago, IL

SRP Solutions offers asbestos testing and asbestos removal in Chicago and suburbs. If you are worried your house or commercial building was built with asbestos-containing materials, call us to do the testing. Then, we’ll remove asbestos as soon as possible.

Residential and Commercial Services


Worried your living or working spaces are infested with asbestos? Our asbestos testing will benefit you greatly.

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We can remove asbestos to make your living and working spaces safe—no more health concerns. Hire us!

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Lead Removal

Lead is toxic and can cause cancer. So, if you notice it in your house or workspace, call us right away!

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Licensed Asbestos Contractor at Your Service!

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We know how important it is to breathe clean air and live in a safe environment. SRP Solutions was born as a viable solution to abolish asbestos, mold, lead, and other toxic substances from Chicago and Suburbs residents’ living and working spaces.

We have 17 years of experience, and our motivation is to preserve the health of Chicago and Suburbs residents with our specialized services.

We’re licensed and have specialized testing and cleaning equipment to deliver first-class services. As a leading asbestos abatement contractor, we follow all the techniques and processes recommended by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

We Create Asbestos-Free Living and Working Spaces!

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If you live in an old house or own an old building, make sure it’s asbestos-free. Many old buildings in the U.S. were erected with construction materials that contained asbestos. This toxic substance might be in the roof panels, drywall, floor tiles, ceilings, doors, etc. If you suspect your building has asbestos, you should call us ASAP to test it.

Why? Asbestos is a toxic material, and its inhalation and years of exposure could cause serious lung diseases and cancer. Call us to inspect the building and remove asbestos if tested positive.

We also provide lead and mold removal. No matter the infested area’s size, we’ll always act with utmost urgency, diligence, and professionalism.

Work with a Licensed Asbestos Contractor.


Our Services

Asbestos Testing

Old buildings in the U.S. were erected using construction materials that contained asbestos. As you know, asbestos is a toxic silicate mineral. So, you better stay away from it.


SRP Solutions is a leading and licensed asbestos abatement contractor in Chicago, IL. We have modern asbestos testing equipment, and we follow smart techniques and processes to give you fast and infallible results.

If you are worried your house or your commercial building has asbestos, call us to book our asbestos testing services.

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Our Services


If your house tested positive for asbestos, we remove asbestos quickly to keep your loved ones safe. You can also trust our expertise to abolish asbestos fibers from big commercial buildings.

SRP Solutions is a licensed asbestos abatement contractor. We completed certifications with the Illinois Department of Public Health, and we follow all their recommendations, techniques, and processes.

With 17 years of experience and implementing an efficient asbestos removal process, we ensure a safe living and working space. Eliminate many health concerns. Call us to get the best asbestos removal in Chicago, IL.

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Our Services

Lead Paint Removal

We offer prompt and effective lead paint removal services. Our mission is to create a safe environment where you could breathe clean air and live healthier.

When you breathe lead dust, or your body absorbs it, lead poisoning can happen. Living in a place with walls that contain lead-based paint can damage your brain, kidneys, nerves, and blood. If you suspect your house or commercial building has lead paint, make sure to contact the experts to remove it.

For more than 17 years, SRP Solutions has been the viable solution to remove lead paints and lead dust from your surroundings. Call us today!



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